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Our Mission

"To promote a healthy lifestyle through safe, effective, and functional workouts that will challenge you everyday to become the best version of yourself"


Quest Fitness at Greate Bay

Quest Mode = Beast Mode


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What We're All About

Here at Quest we're not your typical "gym". We believe in three phases of fitness. Warmup. Workout. Cool down. All of which are run by some of the top instructors in South Jersey, who take pride in teaching quality technique of each functional movement. Our Group Interval based workouts are challenging, but effective and will give you every opportunity to build your strength, improve your stamina, and increase your mobility!


Building Functional Strength

Move Better. Feel Better.

Focusing on Quality Technique

Proper Practice = Proper Performance


Improving Your Stamina

The more you sweat TODAY, the easier the workout will be TOMORROW!


Tom and the entire quest team offer a huge sense of community and belonging to each person that walks through the door. While the workouts are challenging and fun, each instructor puts their attention on the foundation of every movement in order to avoid injury and empower each person to get to the next level in their workout. Quest is a judgement-free environment that makes people feel like family and makes it easy to stay committed. I couldn’t be happier being a part of this community

Mia M